Georgia Publix Marathon 2017 ARES Documents

Event Date: 3/19/2017
Updated: 3/12/2017

General Documents for all ARES Radio Operators

Signs of Distress Our medical protocol. PDF of signs of distress of marathon runners. Everyone in the field (Aid Stations, Centennial Park, SAGs) should study and keep a copy of this document nearby. RADIO ALL EMERGENCIES TO NET CONTROL

Overview Presentation These are the slides presented at the pre-race meeting on 3/11/2017. (Speaker notes are not available)

Course Map Remember to number the aid stations sequentially. The numbers on the map are the mile markers which do not correspond to the sequential numbering of aid stations that we use. See the Presentation above for how to number the 1/2 Marathon stations.

Radio Operator Handbook (or save a tree and use the Phone Version) PDF of the general handbook all Radio Operators should be familiar with. Use the Phone Version if you want to read on a tablet or your phone. Save a tree and don't print this out; read it on a device!'

SAG Request Log Aid stations should use this log to track SAG requests

Numbered Aid Stations (To be published closer to the event). Remember, the Aid Stations are numbered sequentially and their numbers do not correspond to the Mile Markers, which are the numbers on the printed maps.

Centennial Olympic Park (COP) Gridded Map

APRS on Mobile Devices PDF of presentation about using APRS on your mobile device.

SAG Manual PDF of close-up maps showing 2016 road closures and Aid Station approaches. Aid Station operators should be familiar with the road closures in their immediate area so they can make wise decisions about where to position runners for pick-up. SAG operators should be familiar with all maps. The first page has a legend for all the markers used on the map. Even though it is dated 2012, it is still relevant today.

SAG Specific Documents

These documents are primarily for SAG Radio Operators, although anyone is welcome to read them.

SAG Initial Deployment PDF Document showing initial deployments of SAGs as well as Aid Station Numbers, First Runner, and Road Opening times. The Initial Deployments do not apply to 2016 because of the use of motorcycles, but everything else on the map still applies.

SAG Strategy PDF describing general strategy for positioning SAGs as the race evolves. Originally written for five SAGs and no motorcylces, so details are subject to change, but the concepts are still relevant.